Damn Sea Vampires!


The Hunter family are the best dredgers on the coast, whilst out on the water searching for gold one of their crew is killed.  The body is soon discovered by a marine biologist who is tracking a new species feeding on seals.  Hoping to keep the death of the crewman quiet, it goes terribly wrong shortly after when the Father is killed whilst fishing.  The Hunter siblings team up with their new crew-mate and the biologist to ‘study’ and wipe the creatures off the face of the earth. 
What can you say about this film with that title?  It certainly can’t be taken seriously with the logic of some of the character’s actions beggars beyond belief.  They get over the death of their Father within minutes and no seems to give a toss about the various disposable characters getting killed in gross ways.  Who really cares when the film is this stupid?  The creatures themselves look like a Ghoulie dressed up as Batman, with the CGI used being the standard of a Playstation 2 game.  
The siblings are played by Jerry Maguire’s Jonathan Lipnicki and Cassie Scerbo from Sharknado who ‘phone in’ their performances as do the rest of the cast as we’re not talking Oscar winning material here.  Can I recommend this film?  If Asylum epics and CGI beastie films float your boat (nautical joke intended) give it a go, it won’t change the world but it is entertaining rubbish of the highest order.  
  • Starring Kevin Dobson  Jonathan Lipnici  Cassie Scerbo
  • Director Don E. Fauntleroy
  • Distributor Sony