Three girls set off in their car to go to a rock concert, during a storm they lose control of it and end up in a ditch.  Waking up, they find themselves in care of Marion Penrose and her wheelchair bound Mother.  Although rather strange, they offer shelter and food until the girls are better.
However, all is not what it seems as one of the girls desperate to contact home attempts to make her way to the local town and whilst trying to get there, ends up on the wrong end of a scythe.  The local handyman informs the lead character Terri that people have gone missing and who is the weirdo spying on the girls taking a pointless extended shower?
This paves the way for a blood soaked finale for one of the infamous Video Nasties originally released by Avatar (them of the creepy whispering logo).  The acting is somewhat amateurish, but the incredible synth music score is so trippy with it’s crashing cymbals it’ll blow you away.  I’ve never seen the film but it got my attention immediately with a topless shower scene straight after the credits and whilst there are far more films better out there, I found it all rather engaging in a cheap 1982 way.
Finally, any movie where one of the characters (Marion Penrose) looks like Jack from ‘On the Buses’ gets my vote every time.
  • Starring Laurel Munson  J.E. Penner  John Morrison
  • Director Don Gronquist
  • Distributor 88 Films