The Incredible Melting Man

On a manned space trip to the rings of Saturn, astronaut Steve West and his crew are exposed to radiation.  Upon return to Earth, two of the crew die and Steve suffers from severe radiation burns.  He awakes and sees himself in the mirror and understandably goes barmy, then it’s off on a murderous rampage melting as he goes.
Looking for Steve is his friend Dr. Nelson and an Army General, they are soon joined by the local sheriff as the bodies begin to pile up.
The film is one not to be taken seriously, it’s more like a silly comic book story with lovely gooey effects from Rick Baker.  There is also some dopey comedy from a couple of pensioners who have victims wrote all over them thrown in amongst all the mayhem.  A terrific 70’s TV movie’esque score runs throughout the picture sharing equal billing with some fantastic flared trousers.  Very enjoyable in a totally gormless way and I was thoughly entertained for the majority of the film.  The ending is so crazy, it has to be seen to be believed.
Arrow’s blu-ray has a nice remastered picture with some informative interviews from the director, Rick Baker and very briefly make-up guy Greg Cannom.  There’s also a Super 8 version included for a real retro vibe, the original trailer and plenty of great publicity such as lobby cards and posters. Another quality lot of extras from the Arrow gang.
Worth picking up if monster movies or silly gooey effects pictures are your thing.
  • Starring Alex Rebar  Burr DeBenning  Ann Sweeny
  • Director William Sachs
  • Distributor Arrow Films