The Killjoy Collection

The following review is dedicated to my good friend and fan of clowns in general, Tom Hunt.
Killjoy isn’t your normal run of the mill scary clown, he’s a demon whose purpose is to be used for revenge.  The series kicked off in 2000 and featured a plot around gangland culture.  The film was essentially an urban/blaxploitation type picture and was successful enough to warrant a sequel 2 years later.
In Killjoy 2: Deliverance From Evil, the clown is summoned again for revenge and goes on a killing spree.  Killjoy’s return is explained by the story of part one passed around the neighbourhoods and after a tragedy, he’s turns up again for some murderous escapades.
In Killjoy 3, the actor portraying Killjoy (Angel Vargas) was replaced by a fella called Trent Haaga who is a veteran of various Troma films and I feel has brought a real sense of fun to the role.  Eight years had passed since the first sequel and producer Charles Band decided to revamp the series.  
Killjoy Goes to Hell is the fourth film to date and consists of poor old Killjoy on trial in hell for ‘letting the side down’ by allowing a victim to escape.  He has to prove to the powers that be that he is deserving of being a demon.
The later entries (3 and 4) showed the advancements in low budget film-making since the originals and with Killjoy’s cronies including his on/off girlfriend Batty Boop getting larger roles it all gets a bit barmy and immensely entertaining.  
The films are certainly an acquired taste and not to everyone’s liking.  They’re utter nonsense of course but enjoyable nonsense and a bit of a bargain as well.
  • Starring Trent Haaga  Angel Vargas  Victoria DeMare
  • Directors Craig Ross  Tammi Sutton  John Lechago
  • Distributor 88 Films