Cole is an ass kicking DEA agent based in Mexico.  He is suspended from duty after going against orders and shooting an undercover cop who he was unaware of.  Chilling out in Los Angeles, he is called by his brother (played by Beppe from Eastenders, Michael Greco) to tell him he is in trouble with the police as his wife (and Cole’s ex) has gone missing.  
It turns out that she was investigating the local drug cartel and Cole goes to Mexico to help his brother.  Aided by a rather hot photographer, the drug lords and their cronies have now upset the wrong man.  Cue lots of shooting and fighting.
Misfire is a nice vehicle for the talents of one Gary Daniels who has no problem beating people up and generally looking hard as nails.  The script is rather cliched as it’s nasty drug lords again, but the film is good old fashioned B movie action thrills.  It is well made and features to my amusement some of the most inept henchmen in ages.  Their aiming whilst firing their guns is appalling and they are easily dispatched which I found rather enjoyable.
Almost 90 minutes of cheesy cliched action, it’s like Cannon Films have been resurrected.
  • Starring Gary Daniels  Vannessa Vasquez  Michael ‘Beppe’ Greco
  • Director R. Ellis Frazier
  • Distributor Image