Heaven is for Real

Todd Burpo is a preacher at a small town church, he’s a real community guy and has friends everywhere.  Todd has a great homelife with a loving wife and a small son, all that changes one day when his son falls ill.  Rushing him to hospital, his son Colton’s has an emergency operation and pulls through.  
Colton then describes how he looked down at himself during the operation and the fact he met Jesus. Colton also begins to reveal facts that he would not know about his family.  Based on the best seller by Todd himself, Heaven is for Real is a beautifully made warm film.  
Acting wise, Greg Kinnear as Todd is on top form and is backed by Kelly Reilly as his devoted wife. Newcomer Connor Corum steals the film as Colton and shows a maturity well beyond his years.  Religious family dramas usually crop up on TV filler on an afternoon and it was a brave move for Sony to make such a movie and give it a large scale release.  It’s well deserved and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling afterwards, forget the religious stuff (if that’s not your bag) and enjoy a film with a real genuine heart.  Awesome stuff.
  • Starring Greg Kinnear  Kelly Reilly Thomas Haden Church
  • Director Randall Wallace
  • Distributor Sony