Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

You can’t beat a good chase movie and the seventies had a few good ones including Smokey and the Bandit and this minor classic from 1974 featured Peter Fonda and our own Susan George.
Larry and Deke want to be big time racing drivers and to do this they successfully get money from a supermarket manager by holding his family hostage.  Coming along for the ride (escape) is one of Larry’s conquests (Susan George) and they are actively pursued by a local Sheriff played by Vic Morrow.
The film features action with a cool 70’s groove.  It’s incredibly dated but then so is Smokey and the Bandit and The Cannonball Run, but that doesn’t stop it being rather good entertainment.  Fonda is excellent as always (damn he was a cool dude) and George is once again drop dead gorgeous.  
English director John Hough keeps control of the mayhem well after all he worked for Hammer and would later make Biggles and some Disney movies.  Quite essential for students of 70’s drive in ‘studio’ cinema and fans of chase pictures.
  • Starring Susan George  Roddy McDowall  Peter Fonda
  • Director John Hough
  • Distributor Odyssey