Battleground 2014

I must say I am always quick to bitch about some of the poorer covers for WWE DVD’s, but this one is truly great.  Looking for like a twisted horror movie, the cover shows Bray Wyatt doing his scary Exorcist walk – well done WWE!!

Battleground had quite a mixture of events with a Battle Royal for the vacant IC Championship due to Wade Barrett getting injured.  I always like Battle Royals and although the winner annoyed me there was soon redemption.  I did like however Miz hiding outside the ring, it reminded me of the great Edge in the Royal Rumble.

On the card was Jack Swagger taking on Rusev, Tag team Champs The Usos took on Harper and Rowan in a very decent match and we also had Jericho wrestling Bray Wyatt.  Dean Ambrose would meet his old buddy Seth Rollins but things didn’t quite turn out as you would expect. AJ fought Paige for the Divas belt which in fairness wasn’t a ‘bathroom break’ and I rather enjoyed their chemistry.

The Main Event was a Fatal 4 Way for the World Title with newly crowned Champ John Cena taking on Roman Reigns, Orton and Kane.  Once again a foregone conclusion but at least we had Summerslam to look forward to and we all know what happened there.

Extras wise, there are the two kick off matches between Naomi vs. Cameron and poor old Fandango having to fight ‘one joke character’ Adam Rose.  On the blu-ray there is all sorts of bits and bobs including an AJ/Cameron non title encounter and Chris Jericho winding up The Miz.

All in all, a fairly decent PPV let down by a predictable main event (result wise) but it was a good match.  Lots of action, so honestly a good buy.

  • Starring AJ Lee  Jerry Lawler  Kane  Jack Swagger  The Miz
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle