Werewolf Rising

Recovering addict Emma returns to the family home after many years away.  In her absence the property has been tended by her Dad’s friend Wayne who greets her warmly.  Prior to that, an escaped convict played by craggy faced character actor Bill Oberst Jr. is attacked by a werewolf as he menaces a young woman he had abducted.
Emma meets the local ‘bad boy’ Johnny Lee who happens to be Wayne’s nephew and they struck up a friendship.  Johnny and Wayne both have murky secrets and its not long before Emma regrets returning home.
Werewolf Rising is part human drama and part horror picture.  Unfortunately it commits the sin of not having much werewolf in a werewolf movie.  When the howling beast turns up, its not for long and the film is over.
I’m afraid the film didn’t do anything for me, the werewolf costume wasn’t bad and some of the acting was pretty good.  It was all a bit boring and not much went on.  One to miss or if you really don’t have anything else better to do. Awesome artwork, though. 
  • Starring Bill Oberst Jr.  Melissa Carnell  Matt Copko
  • Director BC Furtney
  • Distributor Image Entertainment