Tokarev aka Rage

Paul Maguire is an ex member of the Irish mob. who was lucky to walk away and start a new life.  He is now a successful and rich property developer with a beautiful wife and teenage daughter.  Life is good until his daughter is kidnapped.  Paul is convinced his past has caught up with him and he recruits his two oldest friends to kick some ass and find his daughter.
Paul believes the Russian mob is behind the kidnap due to a regrettable incident many years before.  He is asked by his old boss to leave well alone and let the police (Danny Glover) do their job.  Paul won’t and it all goes pear shaped.
Cage once again plays the everyman (although this time reformed) who has his world turned upside down and has to become a mean son of a bitch again.  He is backed up by his friends, one is a bar owner and the other likes strippers and recreational drugs.  They have no problem throwing the fists and pulling the trigger in the direction of scumbags.
Not particulary original but enjoyable and violent when it has to be.  Cage is as usual very good and it’s nice to see his 8MM co-star Peter (Dino Velvet) Stormare turn up as a wheelchair bound mobster.  Great entertainment, it won’t win awards and some critics have crucified it.  I thought it was all rather pleasant, it isn’t Con Air but it’s pretty good.
  • Starring Nicolas Cage  Rachel Nichols  Peter Stormare
  • Director Paco Cabezas
  • Distributor Anchor Bay