Killer Klowns from Outer Space

“In Space No One Can Eat Ice Cream!”
One night a bright light shoots across the sky and apparently lands somewhere in the woods.  A young couple decide to investigate and find a circus tent.  Earlier that night an old dude and his dog also decided to investigate and were consquently abducted.  The circus tent isn’t a tent but a UFO comprising of sinister alien clowns intent on kidnapping and harvesting humans.
As you would expect the local police aren’t convinced especially Officer Mooney who hates College kids and isn’t impressed with the clown story.  However a sympathetic cop agrees to look into it and then all hell breaks loose as the clowns run rampage all over town with their weird gadgets and frightening hand puppets.
Killer Klowns from Outer Space is simply one of the greatest (horror) comedies of all time, it’s right up there with Gremlins as a fun filled cinematic experience.  The imaginative clown design and colourful production design looks great on blu-ray and apart from a couple of bits you wouldn’t think the film was over 25 years old.  There are countless moments to chersih such as the twisted Punch and Judy show, the balloon dog that barks and the little clown and his boxing match with a hell’s angel.  Acting wise the film is totally stolen by John Vernon as Officer Mooney who is a right miserable old git who practically hates everyone.  His death scene whilst not to give it away is totally bonkers and hilarious.  The movie also features probably one of the greatest theme songs from any film ever by The Dickies, I defy anyone not to hum it after hearing it a couple of times.
Arrow (and MGM) have done wonders with the film and have packed the blu-ray with stacks of extras including a commentary, making of feature, up to date interviews from earlier this year, bloopers, deleted scenes and storyboards.  In fact Killer Klowns earns this year’s ‘LIFEFORCE’ award as the best Arrow release in my opinion since Hooper’s vastly under-rated gem came out.
A totally essential purchase, in fact a law should be passed to have this blu-ray in everyone’s collection.  The Chiodo Brothers are utter geniuses.  
  • Starring Grant Cramer  Suzanne Snyder  Royal Dano  John Vernon
  • Director Stephen Chiodo
  • Distributor Arrow Video