Brothers of Destruction

Right, I’m not messing about here.  This is one of my favourite releases from the WWE in a long time and I’m going to tell you why.

According to the ‘story lines’ Undertaker and Kane share the same Mother (Paul Bearer got up to no good with her) and they have periodically teamed and competed against each over 3 decades now.  This DVD/blu-ray briefly covers their teaming together and includes a number of matches from television and PPV.

On the face of it, the release appears to be just another compilation but there is much more after you scratch at the surface.  We have the old WWF logo returning and mention of the World Wrestling FEDERATION to start with.  More importantly it’s a great historical DVD as it features a lot of wrestlers no longer associated with the WWE and quite a few of them have gone on to work and still work at TNA.  Matches include such legends as Edge, Christian, DDP and The Rock taking on the Brothers.  Also, Undertaker’s ex-wife is featured as well as she was part of his often forgotten American Bad Ass persona.

As per usual, the blu-ray (if you have one) is the better deal as there is four more matches including the one against The Shield last year.  WWE historians will also chuckle at the inclusion on commentary of an old ECW show with the legendary Mike Adamle on commentary, bless him.  Finally it’s was sad to see Big Daddy V and Kanyon on there, two guys taken from us too early.

Essential purchase, enough said.

  • Starring Glenn Jacobs  Mark Calaway  Dwayne Johnson  Mark Henry
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle