The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Coming only two years after the reboot, Spidey is back this time battling Electro (and the return the Green Goblin) and eventually Rhino.  Marc Webb returns as director and Andrew Garfield reprises his role as the web spinner.

This time around after an accident at Oscorp (that place is so unsafe) geeky nerd Max Dillon becomes Electro, it also doesn’t help he has a bit of an obsession with Spidey as well.  Gwen and Peter split up as Gwen gets a scholarship to Oxford University, Peter declares his love but tragedy strikes…

Andrew Garfield has now totally nailed the role and is a far better Peter Parker/Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire, he does the wisecracks and totally ‘lives the role’.  Emma Stone is again great as Gwen and we have Dane DeHaan playing Harry Osborn who becomes the Green Goblin in a rather twisted portrayal which I enjoyed immensely.

Fair play to the film makers as they are not afraid to follow the comics and have a main character experience a spectacular demise. Also, as its a well loved character it all got rather emotional.  I rather like this film as it looks fantastic, the effects are good and it’s great escapism.  However I couldn’t care much for Jamie Foxx as Electro as I thought he was weak and looked too much like a electrified Arnie/Mr Freeze which is a very bad thing.  That’s my only gripe really, terrific entertainment overall though.

  • Starring Andrew Garfield  Emma Stone  Sally Field  Paul Giamatti
  • Director Marc Webb
  • Distributor Sony