Way of the Wicked

Now here’s something that doesn’t happen a lot, Vinnie Jones playing a sympathetic character.  In this film he portays John Elliott a smalltime cop/single parent raising a young daughter.  A few years ago his daughter Heather’s friend Robbie was involved in the death of a small child and with the scandal it brought moved out of the area.  Now Heather is at High School, Robbie is back.
Robbie immediately befriends Heather again much to the annoyance of the ‘in crowd’.  Weird stuff begins to happen to people as it did all those years ago when Robbie and Heather were little.  
Enter a priest played by Christian Slater who informs Vinnie that Robbie may be the Anti-Christ.  As you would expect Vinnie isn’t impressed but then it all behgins to piece together.
With the Anti-Christ plot I was expecting an Omen rip off in fact if anything the film owes quite a bit to Brian DePalma’s underrated The Fury.  A nice little time waster and there is one particularly great death which I rather enjoyed.  
  • Starring Vinnie Jones  Emily Tennant  Jake Croker
  • Director Kevin Carraway
  • Distributor Signature Entertainment