The Captive aka Armistice and Warhouse

Every morning Marine AJ Budd is awoken and has to fight for his life against some form of mutant.  He has to kill that said mutant to live for another day.  Weary, AJ cannot comprehend why he has been put here but knows every day is the same – kill or be killed.

Whilst searching the house he stumbles upon a journal of another soldier who was in the same predicament he is in.  He learns more as he reads and decides its time to make that escape.  Even capturing a mutant doesn’t help as it all goes back to square one the next day.

The Captive retitled for UK release stars The Vampire Diaries/Immortals’ Joseph Morgan as AJ.  He has to carry the film completely by himself and does a damn fine job.  The mutants are suitably nasty and have a Outpost/Shock Waves vibe about them.  Whilst being trapped in a house isn’t the most original concept, considering the low budget the film makers have pulled off an interesting and intriguing film.

The ending has one hell of a twist and please watch all the credits, as there is more to come after they have rolled.  Short and snappy, a pleasant change from zombies and slashers.

  • Starring Joseph Morgan  Matt Ryan  William Troughton
  • Director Luke Massey
  • Distributor 101 Films