Killing Season

In terms of talent (and at times box office clout) you aren’t going to get much bigger than Robert DeNiro and John Travolta, so it’s strange that we have had to wait until now for Travis Bickle and Vincent Vega to make a film together.
Ghost Rider and Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson pits Travolta’s Serbian Soldier against the ex NATO guy of Robert DeNiro. DeNiro’s character of Ford has grown weary of the world and has gone to find some peace in a remote cabin.  Travolta (who looks very scary and has an equally scary accent) befriends DeNiro and lures him into a false sense of security and then instigates a deadly game of the old favourite Cat and Mouse.  Personally, I felt the film has a bit of a ‘Hard Target’ vibe with it’s woods setting and use of weaponry.  
It’s took a year for Killing Season to find it’s way to the UK since the US release where it was somewhat hammered by the critics.  It’s no classic but I found it rather engaging and the leads ARE ALWAYS watchable.  It’s a great looking film and all in all it’s worth a bash. Don’t believe everything you read, make your own mind up.  I went in with an open mind and rather enjoyed it.
  • Starring Robert DeNiro  John Travolta  Elizabeth Olin
  • Director Mark Steven Johnson
  • Distributor Lionsgate