The Monster Club

During a pleasant evening stroll, an author of horror literature played by John Carradine is bitten by a vampire.  The vampire introduces himself as Eramus and thanks the author for having such excellent quality blood.  Informing him he didn’t take enough to ‘turn him’ he invites the author to ‘The Monster Club’.

The Monster Club is a place where creatures of the night hang out, wear poorly made masks and dance to dodgy 80’s music.  Eramus explains the rules of monsterdom and shares three stories.

I remember watching this on the old Precision Video (Betamax as well in those cool hard cases) along with a double bill of Hawk The Slayer.  Years later I would find out they were both made by the same production company.  The Monster Club was produced by Amicus legend Milton Subotsky and directed by Roy Ward Baker, a veteran of many Hammer films.  Subotsky managed to get a pretty decent cast on board including Donald Pleasance and Simon Ward.

Whilst it’s not up there with the Amicus anthology classics, it is fun and Price proves again he was one of the very best.  His voice and delivery is terrific and you get the feeling him and Carradine were enjoying themselves immensely.    The kids of today might find it a bit quaint, but it’s a film for my generation and as I said a fun one at that.

A nice blu-ray (withthe isolated music score) and in widescreen as well complete with original cinema poster artwork on the sleeve, a real improvement over my ragged old ex rental cassette.

  • Starring Vincent Price  John Carradine  Britt Ekland
  • Director Roy Ward Baker
  • Distributor Network