The Undertaker and his Pals


I have seen the trailer of this film many times on numerous trailer compilations and it has always stuck in my mind for the groovy little song at the start and the motorcycle psychos but have never seen it. Thankfully now I have but would have no idea how much I would deem it a real lost ‘classic’.

Harry Glass is a private eye with friends in the Police.  Helping out with a series of murders, he is drawn into a plot involving a crazy undertaker and two nutters running the local greasy spoon cafe.  

The film is peppered with dark humour, stupid slapstick antics, dreadful acting, joke shop standard effects and possibly the strangest music ever in a horror film.

The film is so appalling it is brilliant and at only just over an hour, it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.  I encourage you all to seek it out and spend some time in the company of The Undertaker and his Pals.

Either the makers of this film were geniuses or totally inept, you make your mind up.

  • Starring Ray Dannis
  • Directed by TLP Swicegood
  • Distributor Various Public Domain Companies and Online