Hands of the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is at large in Victorian London and to escape he flees to his home where he lives with his wife and young daughter.  Years later the young girl is in the care of a fake medium who is brutually murdered after a seance.  A kind doctor decides to take her in as his ward as she is obviously disturbed being there at the murder scene and attacked by a sleazy MP as well.
It appears Anna is possessed by the spirit of ‘Saucy Jack’ and can turn in an instant into the man himself.  Dr Pritchard faces a race in time to try and cure her before another body hits the deck.
Hands of the Ripper was one in a line of the later Hammer Horrors (made with their deal with Rank) and is dripping in Victorian atmosphere.  The two central performances from Eric Porter and Angharad Rees are excellent and are backed up by a stellar British cast.  The film received mixed reviews at the time of it’s release.  I’d never seen it until now and think it is rather under rated and definately worth a bash.  It’s bloody too.
  • Starring Eric Porter  Jane Merrow  Angharad Rees
  • Director Peter Sasdy 
  • Distributor Network