WWE Payback 2014

I must say before discussing the actual PPV itself, the promotional sleeve above I think is one of the best WWE has done in ages. HHH looks menacing and very pissed off which he was going into the event itself.
The second ever Payback PPV featured an elimination match between The Shield and Evolution following the fantastic Extreme Rules match.  Cena took on Bray Wyatt in a last man standing complete with The Uso’s and The Wyatt Family getting involved.  Sheamus with his new US belt fought Cesaro, Rybaxel tooks on the Rhodes Brothers and Paige defended her Divas belt against Alicia Fox.
Rusev continued his rampage against poor old Big E and Wade Barrett defended his IC belt against RVD.  The Authority continued to rule over WWE with an iron fist with a good segment where Brie Bella quit as Daniel Bryan was once again going to be stitched up.  Bo Dallas took on Kofi Kingston in a rather pointless match to be added.  Bo was fun to begin with but his character is now plain annoying, maybe he should join his brother?
The kick off match was El Torito against Hornswoggle which is an extra on the DVD with some a few other bits and bobs.  The blu-ray features a lot more including the 20 Man Battle Royal for the US belt.
As a PPV, I thought Payback was good and well worth the effort.  Evolution vs. The Shield was sort lived but it was a damn good feud whilst it lasted.  It also created with The Shield, three future main eventers.
  • Starring Hornswoggle  Bo Dallas  Rob Van Dam  Michael Cole
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle