Varsity Blood

Last Halloween there was a tragic accident involving the High School Cheerleading team, where one of them died, where her boyfriend then lost the plot and was carted off to the local looney bin.  New girl Hannah takes her place on the squad and blends in with the in crowd.
In order to celebrate Halloween, they travel off (against Hannah’s Mum’s wishes) to a deserted farmhouse to party.  As this is a slasher movie, it comprises of sex and drugs which means you’re gonna die at some point.  The night before someone killed the last cheerleader out of the showers and its now revealed that the troubled boyfriend has escaped from the mental institution.  Cue slaughter of quite a few of unlikeable high school students. 
I like the idea of some of the students being desperately unlikeable as you do get a lot of satisfaction when they bite the bullet especially the jock, Blaine a nasty bastard with no qualities whatsoever.  
Varsity Blood homages the old school slasher and is actually rather fun.  It could be a bit more gory but there are some neat deaths and the killer has the craziest costume for a murderer in a long time.  He’s also dead handy as well with his bow and arrow and tomahawk.  At the end of the picture there is also a little line of dialogue straight out of Friday the 13th which I thought was a nice touch.
A terrific little throwback movie with its gratitious lingerie and ass shots (if that’s your thing) which makes a change from ghosts and found footage horror.
  • Starring Lexi Giovagnoli  Wesley Scott  Debbie Rochon  Natalie Peyton
  • Director Jake Helgren
  • Distributor Image Entertainment