WWE Live in the UK – May 2014

Not too long after Wrestlemania, the WWE rumbled into the UK for the first of their twice yearly visits.  As per normal, all their shows (except NXT) were recorded and presented on their normal programming platforms. This year also saw the first time the WWE Network broadcasted some of the shows.
RAW and Smackdown continued with their storylines and if you remember Daniel Bryan had his operation so was unable to come over.  The matches presented included Sheamus vs. Cesaro and Seth Rollins taking on Batista.  Like I said before, it’s always nice to see The Main Event included as Sky Sports don’t show it yet.
As per the weekly shows, there’s a fair amount of chat between matches, but the discs does have some nice extras from the kick off show.  Most importantly we have Hogan taking on the Macho Man from 1989 at the then WWF’s first ever taped UK show.  I have this show on VHS when it was first shown and seeing WWE seem to have the rights now (Silver Vision never released this) the only way to watch the whole event is on YouTube, someone should pull their finger out and release it ASAP.
A pleasant reminder of the tour and if you look at the cover above, the new logo is prominent.
  • Starring Paul Heyman  Seth Rollins  Paige  Bad News Barrett
  • Distributor Fremantle / WWE