The Cabin aka Bloodline

Back in 1700’s rural America, local hillbilly/cowboy types slaughter some indians.  The tribe sets a Shaman loose on the group and the last survivor (and his family) are cursed for all eternity.  We cut to the modern day and an ancestor Brett is about to be ordained as a priest.
His best friend persuades him to take a trip to a family cabin with some other assorted friends incuding his ex.  The map showing us the cabin’s location was hid away in a family heirloom and Brett is initially concerned.  Anyway they go and on the way manage to have a car accident and cross paths with a creepy park ranger.
For the first half of the film, it sets the tone and cranks up the atmosphere.  It’s got some nice locations, a bit of comedy from the token fat bloke and when the eyes turn black, the curse takes over and it all kicks off.  The cover gives the impression we are in Evil Dead territory and in some ways we are.  However with the indian curse plot and a little bit of style on display, the film is a little bit different and thank the makers for that.  Not bad and worth the effort if lost in the woods movies are your thing.
  • Starring Matt Thompson  Christopher Frontiero  Kimberly Alexander
  • Director Matt Thompson
  • Distributor 101 Films