You Are Not Alone aka House Swap

After finding it on the internet aspiring screenwriter Matt and his girlfriend Ginny swap their house for six months in LA for a nice posh mansion in Glastonbury.  Looking at the cover you would expect some form of slasher picture or a creepy Amityville rip off but when the film started, it materialised as part of the ever growing ‘found footage’ genre and my heart sank.
Thankfully my initial reaction was totally wrong as the film is quite a clever piece of film making utilising camcorder and CCTV cameras. There are noises in the night and whilst travelling around Glastonbury town and the Tor someone appears to be lurking in the background.  Matt contacts the owners in their house in the States and it turns out they have a stalker.  They couldn’t give a monkey’s toss so its up to Matt to catch the guy in the act.
The movie has good performances from it’s two leads and like I said above is well made.  Although its like a lot of product out there, it has an original setting, some nice views of Glastonbury, a quality West Country accented copper and a bloke with a sack over his head.  Worth a bash, if found footage is your bag.
  • Starring Nathan Nolan  Evie Brodie  Seth Sinclair
  • Director Mark Ezra
  • Distributor 101 Films