A Certain Justice aka Puncture Wounds

John Nguyen is a decorated war veteran who was tortured by the Taliban.  Having left the army, he lives in a sleazy hotel whilst trying to make sense of his life.  In the hotel car park one evening some local hoodlums are roughing up a hooker, John steps in and kicks some serious ass.  Unfortunately the scumbags worked for nasty drug dealer Hollis and due to this Hollis orders the execution of John’s family.
Grief stricken, John enlists the help of his disabled army pal and he wages war on Hollis’ operations and leaves a rather large body count wherever he goes.  After torturing an associate of Hollis played by Vinnie Jones he sets his sight on the drugs lab and Hollis’ home fortress.
A Certain Justice provides a nice vehicle for MMA fighter Cung Le to show his fighting and acting chops.  He is no board treading thespian but holds his own in the fight scenes and comes across quite well in the ‘acting’ bits.  Dolph Lundgren as Hollis is suitably vile and looks like a hillbilly with long hair and porn star ‘tache.  Vinnie Jones pops up in an extended cameo to swear and look hard like Vinnie does so well.  
It won’t set the world on fire but it is extremely violent and has plenty of fowl language, all very enjoyable I say.  
  • Starring Cung Le  Dolph Lundgren  Briana Evigan  Vinnie Jones
  • Directors James Coyne and Giorgio Serafini
  • Distributor Signature Entertainment