The Unleashed

Madison Kennard has to return to her hometown after her Mother passes away as she has been left the family home.  Madison’s best friend Lindsay organises a gathering of all her old buddies and they congregate  that evening to catch up.  When one of them finds a ouija board, some of them try it out and unfortunately for them something comes across from the spirit world.

Madison since returning home has been having weird dreams featuring all sorts of supernatural goings on and decides to go to the local occult book shop for some help.  The assistant there is well informed and tells her there is some serious stuff going down. Madison is approached by a writer who offers to help which is a good job as one of her friends gets possessed.

The Unleashed is not too bad at all, it has some nice thriller elements with some ghosty stuff thrown in for the first hour or so and then the excrement hits the fan.  We get topless violin playing ghosts, old hags and a vengeful spirit after his wife for killing him.

Some of the effects are well done and the old hag’s make-up is pretty smart too.  The only real letdown is some of the acting is a bit wooden, but to be honest you can go far wrong with a ouija board horror.  It’s not Kevin Tenney’s Witchboard, but pretty reasonable entertainment all the same.  Watch out for Caroline ‘Stretch in TCM2″ Williams in a small role as a college professor and Malcolm McDowell earned himself a few easy quid narrating the start of the film.

  • Starring Trisha Echeverria  Jessica Salgueiro  Colin Paradine
  • Director Manuel H.  Da Silva
  • Distributor Signature Entertainment