No Holds Barred

Rip (Hulk Hogan) is the World Wrestling Federation Champion and television’s biggest draw.  Enter Brell, the evil corporate boss of a rival network, he wants Rip on his TV station and will do anything to get him.

Brell creates a rival TV show ‘Battle of the Tough Guys’ where genuine hard asses fight in a sleazy bar trying to win $100,000 dollars.  Suddenly bursting onto the scene is Zeus an ex-con who appears to be an indestructable force of nature.  Meanwhile Rip is off promoting himself and generally being an all round nice guy.  Zeus, then does the unthinkable and Rip must face him in a ‘No Holds Barred’ match.
No Holds Barred is utter rubbish.  However it is so incredibly entertaining, violent and over the top, the film will immediately become a guilty pleasure to anyone who watches it.  Hulk Hogan is basically playing himself in a blue costume and as we know at the time was wrestling’s biggest star.  A year or so later he made Suburban Commando which I urge you to check out.  It’s pure comedy gold with a supporting cast including Christopher Lloyd and The Undertaker.
Zeus played by actor Tom ‘Tiny’ Lister is great in a role where he basically stares, shouts, screams and hurts people.  Lister even became a wrestler for a while and entered into a real life feud in the WWF with Hogan. Best (over) acting has to go to Kurt Fuller as Brell the evil TV executive, several years before Vince McMahon himself took on the evil corporate role character on WWF television.
For all you Hulkamaniacs out there, the film represents everything bad about late 1980’s films…. big hair, big muscles, bad scripts, bad acting, dreadful rock songs and slow motion action sequences.  Who cares when you have possibly one of the best (worst) films of all time.
  • Starring Hulk Hogan  Kurt Fuller  Jesse Ventura  Tom ‘Tiny’ Lister
  • Director Thomas J. Wright
  • Distributor WWE Studios / SES