After the Dark

It’s the final day of term at an international school in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Posh Philosophy teacher Mr Zimit wants to set his class a task, that task being how they would choose who would survive in an apocalypse.  Zimit says there is a bunker and the students have to pick who will live after knowing their set of skills such as a carpenter or an engineer.
What follows then are a series of scenarios where their survival skills and instincts are played out.  Although they are based in the classroom, the film moves to different exotic locations where the bunker is situated to give the film some dramatic weight.  Which in all fairness, works really well.
Zimit is a bit of an ego maniac and constantly pushes his students to their limits, they soon work out his twisted intentions and turn the tables on him in this rather sick ‘game’.  There’s some nice special effects thrown into the mix and pretty good performances all round from the cast.  Keep an eye out for Ron’s Weasley’s younger sister from Harry Potter who has a main role in the film.
I found the film quite refreshing, clever in parts and some good twists in the story.  Definately worth your time and effort.
  • Starring James D’Arcy  Sophie Lowe  Rhys Wakefield  Bonnie Wright
  • Director John Huddles
  • Distributor Signature Entertainment