Extreme Rules 2014

Extreme Rules 2014 came from the Izod Center and saw a Championship Match between WWE Champion Daniel Bryan against Kane.  As part of the ongoing ‘Authority’ storyline Kane was back at his scary best (within confines of a PG rating) and was targeting Bryan for his belt.  It wasn’t too bad a match and there was a flaming table at the end (all of a few seconds), which brought back some memories of years past.

The Shield took on Evolution in an overall much better match with star making performances especially a high spot from Seth Rollins. It’s a shame they split them up, but hopefully they’ll get back together in the future.  Cena and Bray Wyatt’s cage match was average at best, by this point I thought their feud was getting stale.  Wyatt at time of writing is stalking Chris Jericho who most likely will help Wyatt get over unlike the usual booking of Super Cena.

Paige took on Tamina for her belt and dispatched her quite well, an IC match between Bad News Barrett and Big E. and a triple threat elimation between RVD, Jack Swagger and Cesaro.  A squash match was also on the card with Rusev destroying R Truth and Xavier Woods.  I like Rusev, but the Rocky IV rip off with Lana playing Brigitte Nielsen is getting very, very boring.  Lets hope these promos finish up soon as they are grating.

The extras include the kick off match between El Torito (the bull) and Hornswoggle (the ex-leprachaun) fun but all a little pointless.  The blu-ray as per normal gets more including lots of highlights from the following week’s RAW shows.

Not the best PPV in recent memory, but not the worst.  Get well soon Daniel Bryan, we need you!!

  • Starring Jack Swagger  Alexander Rusev  Dean Ambrose  Roman Reigns
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle