A Hard Day’s Night

There are few names in music and entertainment that need no introduction and The Beatles are possibly the one you would think of first.  Their influence in music and popular culture is still felt today as their albums continue to sell to each new generation.  Of course in the sixties you weren’t a pop star unless you made a film and A Hard Days Night was their first motion picture.

With a witty script by Liverpool playwright Alun Owen and inspired direction by Richard Lester (who would go on to a big Hollywood career with two Supeman movies among them) the film follows the fab four on their travels to make a television show.

Along for the ride is Paul’s fictional Grandfather played by Steptoe himself Wilfred Brambell (who’s very clean), an old chancer who gets up to no end of mischief.  Aided by their management team Norm and Shake, the film is full of classic Lennon and McCartney songs and all four of them show great screen presence and great comic timing.  Remember never ask Ringo to have a ‘little tap’ on his drums!!

Digitally restored for blu-ray and packed with literally stacks of extras, the film has been given a new lease of life.  Even if you have the old Miramax release on DVD, the new blu-ray looks fantastic and sounds totally awesome.  A real no-brainer to pick up for Beatles fans and for non-believers what you have is very carefully crafted piece of classic pop cinema which probably is the biggest influence on the modern day music video.

  • Starring The Beatles  Norman Rossington  Victor Spinetti  Wilfred Brambell
  • Director Richard Lester
  • Distributor Second Sight