United We Slam: The Best of The Great American Bash

WWE has dug into their vast library of wrestling footage and have finally put together a truly excellent compilation of the NWA/WCW PPV’s.  Wisely they have avoided the WWE version of recent years (ending with simply ‘The Bash’) and kept only to the good old days.
Introduced by Dusty Rhodes at the NXT arena in Florida, he takes us through the years starting with the NWA footage of Flair vs. Nikita Koloff.  As we travel through time, we have a War Games event (which really needs to be resurrected) and a Rhodes/Flair championship bout from 1986.  On the first few matches there is new commentary from Rhodes and Larry Zbyszko, which is quite nice in a retrospective way.
As we switch discs, the WCW and then Ted Turner era begins.  Sting is very well represented here so hopefully this is a sign for future products.  Jericho turns up for a match with his good friend Dean Malenko and we also get a match with Ultimo Dragon against Psicosis.  Some of the matches are very NWO heavy, but then that was all Bischoff really knew, so it does look like WWF reject city.  However, throw in The Steiners, Magnum TA and The Great Muta amongst others and overall its a damn good box set.  The blu-ray as usual has a few extra matches, but be warned some of the picture and audio at times is a bit ropey but it is classic stuff so to be fair that is just a small whinge.
  • Starring  Sting  Ole Anderson  Mike Awesome  Macho Man Randy Savage
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle