Darkness Descends

There is a secret population of homeless people living under New York City and documentarian Chelsea decides to make a film about it.  She soon makes contact with a chap called Jake who is an ex NYPD cop who has his own axe to grind with Angel, an extremely scary dude who runs his own gang underground.  Angel has a twisted outlook on life and soon he executes a famous investor type.  This means the police want to move in and we are poised for a violent confrontation.

The film is really two parts, one is a fake documentary featuring interviews of the police and homeless people.  The other is an underground violent action thriller.  It takes a while to get going and is saved by the fact it is well made and features some strange unique characters.  Danny Trejo continues his mission to be the hardest working actor in show business.  The amount of films this guy turns up in is extraordinary, he’s becoming the new Donald Pleasance.  As you good people know I am a fanatical WWE fan and seeing John (Morrison) Hennigan and Melina Perez is great.  Perez makes nothing more than an extended cameo, but Hennigan (who’s also credited as a Co-Producer) shows quite a screen presence and has a couple of fight scenes.  It will be interesting to see what his Hercules Reborn film will be like.

The film isn’t brilliant, but it is different and at times quite stylish.  File it under the section, ‘Not too bad, but didn’t live up to his potential’ but it makes a passable 90 minutes or so.

  • Starring Kinga Philipps  Danny Trejo  Frank Krueger
  • Director Marc Clebanoff
  • Distributor 101 Films