Escape From Planet Earth

Scorch Supernova is a big hero, he rescues babies, generally saves the day and is backed up by his brother Gary who runs mission control.  Scorch is sent on a mission to the Dark Planet which is actually Earth and lands near Area 51.  He is captured in the local 7-Eleven and is taken away to be interrogated by an evil General.  Gary realises his brother is in trouble and jumps into a rescue ship and heads into space.  When he lands Gary is captured easily and it all materialises that there is an plot between the General and Gary’s boss to take over the universe.

The film is possibly one of the most colourful and beautifully designed animated features I have seen for a while.  Its not quite Dreamworks or Pixar, but there are plenty of terrific characters in it and some of the aliens are awesome.  The 3D works pretty well and there are the ‘in your face’ moments including the old classic, bat and ball on a string.

Escape From Planet Earth is a great laugh for all the family and with an inspired voice cast including William Shatner and Ricky Gervais, you can’t go wrong.  Highly recommended for the sprogs (and animation loving adults).

  • Starring Brendan Fraser  Sofia Vergara  Jessica Alba  Rob Corddry
  • Director Cal Brunker
  • Distributor Entertainment in Video