Grindhouse Trailer Classics 4

Trailer discs are nothing new to the market, but some are poorly constructed with any old crappy previews thrown together to create the ‘Grindhouse Experience”.  Things are different at Nucleus Films, these guys care what is shown and make sure the trailers are in good condition and in the right aspect ratios where possible.
We kick off with the famous Coming Attractions introduction to the strains of Funky Fanfare by Keith Mansfield.  In fact there are several different versions of this tune available, check them out on the KPM label among others.  The ‘No Masturbation’ title card is fun and we start with the first trailer which is ‘The Little Cigars’ which basically is gangster midgets and looks incredibly bad but strangely entertaining as well.
There is some good stuff here such as Sweet Jesus: Preacher Man, Curtains, Bamboo Gods and Iron Men, Deathmaster and Al Adamson’s Blood of Dracula’s Castle.  There tends to be a leaning this time around to a lot of T&A exploitation with boobs everywhere, no real issues there and there is a couple of films again on the compilation I shall try and get hold of.
All in all, another great value disc from a company that really does care what it puts out and nice Graham Humphreys art on the cover as well.
  • Distributor Nucleus Films