Tricia has finally decided to move on with her life and get Danny, her missing Husband of seven years declared legally dead.  At the same time her sister Callie decides to visit, Tricia begins to see strange nightmare’ish visions of her husband.

Whilst the heavily pregnant Tricia (a plot point I won’t reveal) works during the day, Callie seems to go on endless runs.  Near their house is a underpass which goes under the freeway and for some strange reason Callie seems drawn to it especially after seeing a weird looking homeless man there.

Sorry everybody, that’s all I am going to reveal with regards to the film’s narrative.  Suffice to say the film takes you in all kinds of directions and very cleverly pulls you in.  When you think you have got it worked out, something else happens and you are back to square one.

The film has picked up all sorts of awards and is thoughly deserving of them.  It’s a horror film with no blood or guts, just subtle effects and a brilliantly designed soundscape.  The music by Ryan David Leack is a very eerie and reminds me of early John Carpenter scores such as The Fog.  Acting wise, the performances are good especially Katie Parker as Callie and its a real pleasure to see Doug (Hellboy) Jones in a small role.

Writer/Director Mike Flanagan has now gone on to make Oculus, which is again excellent.  The blu-ray is region free and has commentaries, a documentary and other goodies.  It’s also got different cover art from the original release a couple of years ago.

Absentia is a breath of fresh air and I expect it may have passed some people by.  Please don’t let this happen, as this film is really rather wonderful.

  • Starring Courtney Bell  Katie Parker  Dave Levine
  • Director Mike Flanagan
  • Distributor Second Sight Films