Bloody Birthday

During an eclipse, three babies are born in a small American town.  Ten years later those babies are now best friends and killers.

Curtis, Debbie and Steven may look like little angels but they start to murder the town’s adults.  Their victims include their school teacher and the local sheriff.  As they look like goody-two shoes, they arouse no suspicion except for classmate Timmy who is targetted by them. First he’s locked in a fridge, then you think he’s going to get pushed off a treehouse and then there is their birthday party.

Bloody Birthday is a neglected film in a sadly neglected sub-genre of horror, the killer kids movie.  Sure there are a few of them but perhaps audiences and more importantly the money men don’t want children causing carnage, why not?

It isn’t the greatest film around, in fact it’s all very quaint and dated.  It is violent, but not really shocking as some of the acting is a little woeful.  The little killer girl Debbie (Elizabeth Hoy) is quite sadistic and Curtis (Billy Jayne) who wears the fantastic massive glasses is quite simply a horrible little shit.  Most enjoyable part for myself personally was the wonderfully exploitative scene where the kids spy on Beverly, Debbie’s sister.  The amount of T&A in one scene from one actress for the pleasure of the audience must be applauded.  She isn’t a bad dancer as well.  Also, keep an eye out for the American Ninja himself Michael Dudikoff in an early role.

It’s not a classic but its certainly worth a watch and not just for the peep hole scene.

  • Starring Lori Lethin  Susan Strasberg  Bert Kramer
  • Director Ed Hunt
  • Distributor 88 Films