Batista – The Animal Unleashed

He’s back and wants the WWE Championship.  Dave Batista returns to WWE and they follow him in an almost hour long documentary telling us what he’s been up to since he left a few years back and what are his plans.  It’s a well known fact that he in the new Marvel film ‘Guardians of the Galzy’ but it also covers his MMA training and first pro fight as well.  It all ends with his Royal Rumble win and we all know what happens next.  It features some great behind the scenes stuff and a great conversation with Rey Mysterio with no mask on. Don’t get excited he has his back to the camera.

The discs are literally packed with matches.  We have an old OVW match between the then Leviathan and a very young looking Brock Lesnar.  JBL’s in there with a Bull Rope Match and its nice to see a King Booker match (I always loved this character especially with his Queen).

All the main past and present players are in here such as CM Punk, HHH, Cena and the blu-ray has some great exclusives such as a 2002 fight with Justin Incredible and that Punjabi Prison match with Khali.

All in all, a nice package to welcome back Dave.  At time of writing he’s gone again for a bit, no doubt to promote Guardians of the Galaxy but he’ll be back.

  • Starring Dave Bautista  Shawn Michaels  Kane  Johnny Nitro
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle