The Complete Dr Phibes

Made in the early 1970’s whilst Vincent Price was working for AIP and when the producers decided to head to England to add some ‘class’ to the proceedings (it also helped there were a few Hammer co-productions to be made as well).
Anton Phibes is a tortured soul, his wife died on the operating table and he is determined to return to life and get revenge on the few he believes were responsible for her demise.  On his tail is Detective Inspector Trout of Scotland Yard, who to be fair hasn’t got a hope in hell as Phibes is one determined chap.  
In the follow-up which starts immediately after the climax of part one, you find out Phibes’ master plan and the lengths he goes to implement it.
Vincent Price can rarely do no wrong and Phibes is possibly one of his best roles.  It’s easily the funniest (maybe Edward Lionheart equals it) of his roles and possibly the most tragic as all he wants is his wife back.  Considering his wife is an unbilled Caroline Munro, you can’t really blame him.  It’s impossible to dislike Phibes, he’s a killer you could eaily have round to dinner as he is cultured, has nice manners and probably was a great conversationalist.  Oh yes and he has a great sense of style as well.
The blu-ray from Arrow Video is simply beautiful.  The first film has the slightly better transfer and the colours of the fantastic set design look stunning.  The film is almost like a living pop art piece and just oozes pure genius especially the clockwork band and some of the deaths inflicted on the Phibes’ victims.
Brilliant stuff and easily an essential purchase.
  • Starring Vincent Price  Joseph Cotten  Terry-Thomas  Caroline Munro
  • Director Robert Fuest
  • Distributor Arrow Video