This film is a classic and possibly the funniest adult comedy of all time.  Made in the days when you didn’t have to be politically correct to make people laugh, this tells the simple story of some lads who want to chase girls, get laid and have fun.
The film ticks all the boxes you need for this type of movie.  The virgin Pee Wee, the tough guy Meat (work out why), Tommy with a mole on his ‘you know what’, Wendy “The Tart with a Heart’ and Lassie the howling nympho gym teacher played by future mannequin Kim Cattrall are amongst the characters you meet.  Porky is a huge bad ass red neck who owns the strip club where the film gets it title and makes idiots out of our boys who swear revenge.
Throw in copious amounts of female (and male) nudity, bad language and according to one character colourful redneck humour.  The film is full of great supporting players who only appear for a small time on screen such as Mr Carter the School Principal (his tallywackle scene is priceless) and Miss Balbricker the frightening uptight gym mistress.  The film has a great heart with countless comic situations played out superbly and was based on some of the director’s own high school experiences.
Stand out scenes include the famous ‘shower’ scene with three of the lads peering in on the girls showering taking in the biggest beaver hunt in the history of Florida and a one of my personal favourites where Pee Wee phones up the burger restaurant and asks to speak to Michael ‘Mike’ Hunt – come on say it, “Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?”.
Porky’s is as funny today as it was over 30 years ago.  I saw during the school summer holidays when I was about 13 or 14 and loved it then.  Arrow have done a nice job with the film, the picture looks great and there’s a few quality extras as well.  Only boring old prudes or squares could not find this funny so if this isn’t your cup of tea, bugger off and watch Downton Abbey.  
  • Starring Dan Monahan  Kim Cattrall  Mark Herrier  Eric Christmas
  • Director Bob Clark
  • Distributor Arrow Video