The Pit aka Jugface

In a backwoods community there is a ‘pit’ which supposedly protects the locals.  Ada, one of the youngsters in that community finds out she is promised to another member of the clan.  Problem is, not only is she pregnant but she’s also being lined up for the next ritual sacrifice.

Ada is determined not to be slaughtered so she steals the ‘jugface’ made of her image for the sacrifice.  However the spirits that swarm the woods are not happy and the bodies start piling up.

The Pit is not a conventional horror film.  It is incredibly well acted, made and although scary hillbillies aren’t all that original there is a constant sense of dread throughout the picture.  First time director Chad Crawford Kinkle has crafted something rather special, a horror movie with some brains (literally) and some awesome individual performances especially the young lead Lauren Ashley Carter who I thought was simply mesmerising.  The members of the community are easily the creepiest bunch of rednecks since those pesky Children of the Corn.

In fact in all honesty, this is simply one of the best ‘straight’ horrors I’ve seen in a bloody long time.  Kinkle is a name to watch and it’s nice to see Sean Young from Blade Runner again.  It’s just a shame about the naff retitling.  The original title ‘Jug Face’ is much better.

  • Starring Lauren Ashley Carter  Larry Fessenden  Sean Bridgers
  • Director Chad Crawford Kinkle
  • Distributor 101 Films