Demon Legacy

Michelle’s boyfriend Randy cheats on her and she throws him out.  They had been together for a few years so she decides to go to her family cabin in the woods along with her college friends to ‘get away from it all’  After consuming a fair bit of alcohol and playing truth or dare, they find a Ouija Board in the cellar and decide to contact some spirits.  Michelle’s Grandmother was a bit of a witch and Michelle has in the past had some scary visions and experiences.  This doesn’t obviously bode well and it all soon goes pear shaped.

Some creepy CGI smoke starts to prowl around the cabin and gradually possesses some of the girls and then as you would expect all hell (pun intended) breaks loose.

Demon Legacy is slightly unusual as all the main characters are girls and only a couple of blokes are thrown in as the token boyfriend, disposable victim guy and The Deer Hunter’s John Savage turning up as a man who knows his witchcraft and spells. Don’t worry lads with the all the main characters being girlies, there’s one or two scenes to keep us happy.

The film has come in for quite a hammering critically, but I actually really loved it.  It has a nice 80’s throwback feel with the demons looking like rejects from Lamberto Bava and Kevin Tenney’s Demon pictures which is a good thing.  It’s nice and gory, well shot and made considering it’s low budget and Kickstarter origins.  Oh yes and the lead actress AnnaMaria Demara is ridiculously hot and spends the majority of the film in a nightie.  I can assure you I have no issues there.

A fun bloody 90 minutes, screw the so-called critics and enjoy a good old fashioned demon romp.

  • Starring AnnaMaria DeMara  Kati Sharp  John Savage  Eileen Dietz
  • Directors Rand Vossler and Bob Gill
  • Distributor 101 Films