Porphyrophobia – An excessive fear of the colour purple.

That’s not the Steven Spielberg movie, but an actual fear of the colour and this is the basis of this short film from a pair of Bristol based film-makers.

Violet Buxton lives a pretty sorry existence with her son Andrew, who appears to be a couple of cards short of a full deck.  Her life virtually revolves looking after him and her only solace is ‘Trevor’ who brings her presents from his travels and wants to take her out.  The social worker is poking his nose in where it’s not wanted and things take a turn when it all becomes a bit strange in the sky one day.

The film written by Paul Holbrook and directed by Samuel Dawe gets straight to the point (it’s a short film and an entertaining one at that) and features some great individual performances from the two leads.  The reason why young Andrew is fearful of purple is quite twisted and if you suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns) you’re hate it.

The Kickstarter funded project is interesting and pretty original.  Holbrook and Dawe have done well on a small budget and the ending is particulary impressive visual wise.  The pair are busy with lots of other projects, feel free to visit their facebook and youtube pages.

  • Starring Karen Payne  Danny Chase  Micky Two Shoes Scott
  • Director Samuel Dawe
  • Distributor Shunk Films