Lurking Fear

A young man John Martense is released from prison and goes to his visit a shady undertaker played by Vincent Schiavelli who you may recognise as the subway ghost in Ghost.  The undertaker has been up to all sorts of dodgy goings-on and has buried a lot of money in a corpse at an old cemetery.

John travels to the cemetery hoping to find the loot.  At the same time, the cemetery’s church is being readied for a siege by a drunken doctor (Jeffrey Combs) and his cohorts who hope to finish off the evil below.  John arrives but is closely followed by Bennett an English gangster who also wants the money.  With Bennett and his lackey screwing things up, the ‘Lurking Fear’ is poised to feast on the people in the church.

Based on a HP Lovecraft story, the film is written and directed by C. Courtney Joyner, the chap responsible for Trancers III.  Made in the mid 90’s when Charlie Band’s Full Moon Entertainemnt was camped up in Romania so like the Subspecies films and other titles around that time, the film is dripping in atmosphere.  The creatures are creepy and there is a fair bit of gore thrown into the mix.  It was obviously made fairly cheaply but at just over the hour mark (minus the credits) its a nice little time waster and pretty good fun.

  • Starring John Finch  Blake Bailey  Ashlety Lauren  Jeffrey Combs
  • Director C. Courtney Joyner
  • Distributor 88 Films