Camp Dread

Julian Barrett is a washed up film director whose biggest hits were some slasher movies in the 80’s.  He has an idea to make a reality show/horror movie in the same location as his previous hits and hires the original star and cameraman.
Armed with the latest still and digital cameras Julian has 24/7 access to his ‘contestants’ who are a mix of the dregs of society and generally unpleasant young adults.  A million dollars is the prize for the winner and each contestant must survive the ‘killer’ prowling around the camp.  Of course this isn’t the case and the happy campers start to be massacred for real.
Camp Dread is a slasher picture, period.  It riffs the Friday the 13th series and others, it also has the ‘Ten Little Indians’ scenario, where people are getting off’ed and you have to guess the killer.  There are some nice kills, a couple of gross moments and some very clever in jokes to the genre.
Acting wise, there is Eric Roberts stealing the show as Julian, a man desperate for fame, various unknowns and a great nod to the past with Sleepaway Camp’s Felissa Rose in a main role and Danielle Harris from a few Halloween films.  It isn’t going to change the face of horror cinema, but it is what it is and my only bitch is whilst there’s a bit on screen there should have been more T&A to fully embrace the genre. 
Starring Eric Roberts  Danielle Harris  Joe Raffa
Directed by Harrison Smith
Distributor RLJ / Image