Cellar Dweller

Made back in 1987 at Empire Pictures’ Rome studios, this tells the story of an ancient evil coming to life through comic book artists.
Colin Childress (Jeffrey Combs) dies in a mysterious fire whilst working on his new comic book.  Years later the property he died in is now a school for the arts ran by the creepy Mrs Briggs.  A new student Whitney arrives and is intrigued why she isn’t allowed in the basement.  It turns out all of Childress’ artwork and possessions are there, seeing she’s a fan and comic artist she starts to poke around.  Obviously this has consequences and the ancient evil is awoken and begins a murderous rampage.
Time hasn’t been kind to the film as some of the clothes and hair are tragic.  What it does have going for it lots of violence and blood.  The Cellar Dweller is a ‘man in a suit’ and works great.  It also helps that John Carl Buechler’s guys did the make up effects (John directed as well) and with their work on Ghoulies, the Dweller looks a bit like their older brother.  
Some of the acting is a bit ropey and it takes a while to get going, but once it does it’s entertaining retro fun from the golden days of Charlie Band’s Empire.  File along side with those copies of Ghoulies and Troll.  
  • Starring Debrah Mullowney  Yvonne DeCarlo  Brian Robbins
  • Director John Buechler
  • Distributor MGM / 101 Films