The Invoking

When Sam was around five she was adopted and cannot remember her birth parents.  Out of the blue she is informed she has inherited a house from a recently deceased Aunt.  She and three friends decide to take a road trip to see the property which as you would expect is in the middle of nowhere.
They are greeted by Eric who is acting caretaker of the property and lives in the guest house not too far away.  Eric you can tell from the word go is a creepy dude, as he always seems to pop up at inconvenient times and frankly looks like someone who would torture small animals.
Weird stuff starts to happen to Sam with her friends all becoming what appears ghosts or visions of the past.  You see Sam’s real Father was a bit of a nutter and Eric has a connection to her as well.
The Invoking is alright, but I found wanting more.  The concept is good and the overall production is put together well.  Unfortunately it took ages to get going and when it cranked up, I thought it seemed in a rush to finish and tie up the loose ends.  It’s okay, but there is far superior product out there.  It does have a great creepy vibe at times and good use of the surrounding woods though.
  • Starring Trin Miller  Andi Norris  Josh Truax  
  • Director Jeremy Berg  
  • Distributor RLJ Entertainment