Elimination Chamber 2014

The final PPV before Wrestlemania XXX featured in it’s main event Randy Orton defending his Heavyweight title against Cena, Sheamus, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and Christian.  It was a fair bout with the highlights being a great performance from veteran Christian turning heel again.
The New Age Pensioners defended their tag titles against The Uso’s and at time of writing are now gone.  Thank the lord, they’re still good but too old and their spots should be taken by younger talent. Swagger fought Big E in an IC match and there was also The Prime Time Players fighting each other as Titus had turned on Darren Young.
The Wyatts and The Shield also met as well as another pointless Divas match with AJ taking on Cameron.  There was a pre kick off match with The Rhodes Brothers taking on Ryback and Curtis Axel.  It was nice here to Axel’s Grandfather (Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig) at ringside and no doubt his Dad Mr Perfect looking down from above.  Batista turned up for a paycheck as well after his Rumble victory to fight Alberto Del Rio.  
Elimination Chamber was a pretty great PPV and it slotted in nicely in the run up to Wrestlemania XXX.  The kick off show is included as an extra as well as a fair amount of other stuff.  As per normal blu-ray purchasers get the better deal.
  • Starring Batista  Christian  Sheamus  Michael Cole  Zeb Colter
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle