The Delta Force

Major Scott McCoy is pulled back into active duty when a group of bonkers terrorists led by Robert Forster hijack a plane.  Along with Colonel Alexander (Lee Marvin) he must rescue the hostages and blow up the bad guys.
On board the plane we have a selection of various character actors including George Kennedy, Shelley Winters and Lainie Kazan. Chuck’s boss is Robert Vaughan and Steve (American Ninja) James crops up as a Delta Force member.  The action sequences are all first rate.  The actual hijacking is incredibly well put together and played by the cast.  Forster is awesome as the Middle Eastern bad guy complete with permo tan and is one of the better baddies to come up against Norris.  You could say parts of the film have slightly dodgy politics and is a bit un-PC, but personally I couldn’t give a monkey’s toss.  It is a Cannon film and a BLOODY good one.
I first saw this film in the 80’s on the old Rank video release and watched it countless times over the years.  Cannon Boss Menahem Golan directed and co-wrote the script and did a damn fine job.  A year or so later he would go on to make Over The Top with Stallone (another 80’s favourite of mine). The score by Alan Silvestri is terrific and the main theme is one of those tunes you’re whistle afterwards.  In fact whilst writing this review, I began to realise that Cannon films were a massive part of my youth.  Some of my favourites of all time came from them.  They include Invasion USA, Lifeforce, American Ninja 2, The Naked Cage, Death Wish 3 & 4 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
Delta Force is up there with the best of the 1980’s action flicks, a proper bloke’s film to sit proudly along side The Wild Geese.  Quite simply class on a disc.  Nice extras and booklet as well.
  • Starring Chuck Norris  Lee Marvin  Robert Forster (and his ‘tache)
  • Director Menahem Golan
  • Distributor Arrow Video