The Attic aka Crawlspace

The Gates’ are a nice typical family, the house of their dreams comes on to the market after being repossessed and they snap it up. At the same time daughter Kayla returns from college and moves in also.
However, the house has a sad past with the accidental death of two children in the swimming pool.  Worst still, the previous owner Aldon Webber hasn’t left and lives in the attic unknown to the new occupants.  Aldon has definately got a screw loose as he wanders around the house at night, takes out the trash and other chores.  Unfortunately the old dear next door spots him and so begins a reign of terror.
The Attic is an old fashioned cat and mouse thriller made a bit more spicy with some nudity and gore.  It’s a bit predictable but saved by a great manic performance from Steven Weber as nutty Aldon, a bit of lame comedy courtesy of the eidest son trying to get into the babysitter’s pants and some original deaths by household implements.  Not the greatest film ever made, but certainly not a waste of time.
  • Starring Steven Weber  Jonathan Silverman  Lori Loughlin  Raleigh Holmes
  • Director Josh Stolberg
  • Distiributor 101 Films