The annual Scarecrow festival is about to kick off and local teacher Mr Harris has to take some kids for a Saturday detention.  They travel on the school bus to a deserted farm where they have to remove the scarecrow to take back to town.  Helped by the teacher’s ex girlfriend, it all kicks off when two of the group wander off for probably some love.
You see the scarecrow is real and had conveniently been let loose by two stupid kids at the beginning of the movie.  So begins a slasher picture with a scarecrow replacing the usual madman with an axe.  I would have they would have used a dude dressed up as a scarecrow because they can be quite horrible, but they’ve used CGI and whilst he’s pretty eerie he still looks like the brother of Tarman from Return of the Living Dead.
The film has a fair amount of blood and is pretty suspenseful, for a original SyFy picture it’s up there with the better ones.  It owes a fair bit to the Jeepers Creepers films and seeing its unlikely we’ll get a third one, this will do just fine.  A bit gormless and silly but a good time waster.
  • Starring Lacey Chabert  Robin Dunne  
  • Director Sheldon Wilson
  • Distributor Three Wolves